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From the economic point of view business management is based on three foundations: management of the range, prime cost and finance. All these sections of the financial – economic business management cannot function separately and are closely connected. Between them constantly there is an exchange of information. Moreover, optimization of each task separately will not yield optimum result of all enterprise.

The most essential moments of management accounting are: the analysis of marginal profit (a difference between selling price and variable costs), the accounting of term of turnover and the analysis not only the enterprises in general, but also its separate divisions (the centers financial the account. Proceeding from these indicators, it is possible to count efficiency for each of commodity positions that gives a basis for management of the range.

The control system of finance has to provide a final financial product and include all elements necessary for this purpose. First of all, as well as all control system, it has to have:

Any firm has to have a clear view, who her client. It is necessary to have before itself socially – a demographic profile of the consumer, his economic state, its criteria of a choice, his preference in the sphere of mass information, etc. This information turns out by means of simple and rather inexpensive sociological researches.

For effective management of the range creation of the qualifier of goods is necessary. Especially it is actual for the enterprise with the big range numbering hundreds and thousands of names. The classification purpose – division of commodity positions on interchangeable and not interchangeable. At each level of the qualifier of positions should not be too much (more than 1 as management will not be rather effective. Except oho, turnovers of positions of one level of the qualifier have to be one order.

It is clear, that in such situation it is necessary to create first of all a control system of finance, differently financial losses are inevitable, and performance of any measures of reforming will remind carrying of water in a sieve.

It is expedient to carry out the analysis at the same time for several types of production on one schedule for determination of their possible dependence. It is also expedient to carry out the comparative analysis between types and groups of production on terms of turnover, profit, economic profit, etc. By means of the solution of a problem of management of the range it will be possible to make sales plans of purchases within the allocated financing, and also to define the most rational allocation of finance.

With increase in level of profitability at production at the expense of a margin the unit profit grows, but thus there is an increase in term of turnover and as a result – falling of absolute profit for the period. On the other hand, in a pursuit of the small term of turnover it is possible to reduce a margin up to prime cost level, thus, despite fast turnover, the absolute profit as the market on volume is limited and internal opportunities of the enterprise too will fall. Therefore there is an optimum ratio of these parameters which can be estimated for each enterprise.

Financial strategy has to fit into the general strategy of the company, to be adequate to it on the purposes and tasks. At the same time the purposes and tasks are defined by its financial nature, the economic relations between subjects of the market concerning formation and use of financial resources. As characteristic feature of financial strategy its communication with nation-wide finance at the macrolevel and to finance of the enterprises at the microlevel acts.

The important technical point for formation of such mechanism of expenses is existence at the enterprise of computer registration system. Especially it is actual at the big range of products. After all than more precisely we will provide information, especially correct administrative decisions can be made. However it is necessary to remember the important principle that the cost of information should not exceed effect of its use. In the absence of such systems, even in the simplified integrated analysis, it is impossible to receive good results.