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If in the USA within such property 90% of all GNP are created today, neither expansion of collective (share) property of workers, nor doubling of an enterprise private property, growth of number of "partner firms" which are in property of two or more persons, are not prospect of the relations of property of the developed capitalist countries at all. All listed unincorporated forms of ownership are all only modern objective requirement of natural (competitive) selection of ways of the most effective association of direct producers with means of production.

Another matter, when modern era podetalno and technologically specialized electronic means of production. Mass application of these exclusively high-production, "skorostrelny" and very expensive is computer the operated means of production compelled already not only expansions of local difficult labor co-operation within firm. Their effective application became possible within intercompany podetalny and technological specialization of productions and corresponding labor co-operation.

Use of a private property is one of Basic Elements of the mixed economic system. The considerable part of the capital is in private possession. The private property on the capital, the made goods, the gained income is an important condition of support of system of free business.

It is unlikely it is possible to doubt that the prime cause of changes in means of labor, division of labor and in nature of process of work consists in continuous technical improvement and the increasing specialization of means of labor of private application, private character in connection with natural needs of people to make and have production more, the best quality, with smaller expenses.

It is clear that in the structural analysis of property of concept of an essence and phenomenon (manifestation form) is inadmissible to mix and, especially, to identify with concept of sense and a form (a life form). When we, after K. Marx, define property in general as the relation between people to means of production and consumer goods, certainly, in this definition it is told about its essence. But in such a case that is sense of property in general?

Of course, the initial stage of transformation of local simple cooperations to difficult labor co-operations are not followed by big changes in character of a private property yet. Mainly it is limited to expansion of scale of work and use of the individual private capitals, and also formations of the share capital (during an era of machine means of productions.

That is, in all set of the specified modern changes in character of means of production, division of labor and process of work, as well as the change of historical types and forms of ownership, work and distribution caused by them, the beginning of the second contradiction in the history of the property relations, the beginning of a stupenepryzhkopodobny self-denial of a capitalist private property is definitely shown.

Efficiency of metal instruments of labor, the earth, the worker and working cattle caused possibility of the accelerated development of industrial abilities of the physical carrier of labor and in respect of increase in volumes of the made material benefits, and in respect of acceleration of improvement of the equipment and means of labor. In it the next moment of objective dream, an orientation of the first contradiction in work process development, process of consumption of individual labor and its private association with subjects and means of labor consisted.

It is thought, sense of property, at least as a first approximation to its understanding, with what there are these relations means. In particular, whether there are they human relations concerning paid or their free association with ways of production. And if to speak not about production, and about consumer property, whether that they are the relations concerning free or paid consumption of material benefits.

Certainly, basic in such changes of the main support and overlappings in the western market economy, especially the last third of the XX century, consists in further deepening and expansion of specialization, nationalization of cooperative property.

Only with the advent of such means of labor as working cattle, the earth and metal instruments of labor, disintegration of initial communities on family production facilities begins, the history formation of identity which realize themselves such begins.