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The west and southwest banks, rocky and steep (to 600 m), fjord in the North and in the south are most dismembered. In formation of a relief the big role was played by a Caledonian and gertsinsky skladchatost, connected with the Alpine movements and volcanic outpourings, and also quarternary freezing. In merry Andrews the freezing left traces in the form of circuses, reprofound valleys, glen, and on the lowland - a cover of a ground moraine, a drumlina, an oza, a drain, etc.

The fauna differs in comparative poverty in all groups of animals and even total absence of some of them (for example, a dragon). Besides the seals who are living in coastal waters, and occasionally swimming away here whales in Ireland 26 species of mammals, among them a red deer, a pine marten, a badger, an otter, a hare and an ermine are. Also the fallow deer delivered on the island, a rabbit and other animal species got accustomed. On the island 350 species of wild birds a third from which removes posterity here nest. The only reptile is the little snail. Also three species of amphibians are found: frog, triton and toad. The herring, a mackerel, a cod, a flounder, sardines are found in the seas washing Ireland. But the main object of fishing - a mackerel (35%), then shrimps, a cod, a herring, a salmon and.

Folklerny park at the Bunretti lock (Bunratty Castle&Folk Park) the County of Clare. Perfectly restored Bunratty lock is as if base for the specific museum open-air. Here the collection of houses and other components of the town and village of life of the XVIII century in Ireland are presented for survey. Some of buildings were transferred to this museum from all Ireland. In this museum everything that visitors plunged into the real atmosphere of the Irish settlement of the XVIII century is open-air created. In the museum also periodically hold special craft exhibitions.

Consists of four historical areas: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland which share, in the administrative relation, on numerous counties. Administrative-territorial division: 53 counties and Greater London in England and Wales, 9 areas and 3 island territories in Scotland, 26 districts in Northern Ireland