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the cross scapular artery - a.transversa scapulae - one branch accompanies a prescapular nerve - and goes on a lateral surface of a shovel to predostny and zaostny muscles, and other branch goes to cervical part of a ventralny gear muscle.

The main arterial highway of a chest extremity is represented by an axillary artery - continuation of a subclavial artery. It gives a subscapular artery and as the humeral artery abruptly turns distalno, separates the general interosseous artery and as the median artery goes down on. On pyast it shares on the general palmarny manual arteries, and each of the last on special manual arteries.

musculo an artery - a.musculo-phrenica - follows along a costal arch on its medial surface, branches in a diaphragm and sends intercostal branches which anastomozirut with intercostal arteries.

Treat visceral branches: an unpaired chrevny artery - for a stomach, a liver, a spleen; an unpaired kranialny bryzheechny artery for thin and thick guts pair renal and adrenal arteries - for kidneys and adrenal glands; pair internal yaichnikovy arteries - for ovaries; an unpaired kaudalny bryzheechny artery - for an obodochny gut and for a rectum.

The Kranialny buttock artery - a.glutaea cranialis - is the second branch, branches off at the level of dorsalny edge of a wing of a podvzdoshny bone and through big sciatic cutting together with the nerve of the same name goes to gluteuses.

The district humeral dorsalny (medial) artery - a.circumflexa humeri cranialis - leaves a dorsalny wall of a humeral artery at its beginning, goes together with branches of a skin and muscular nerve on a dorsalny surface of a humeral bone. Anastomoziruyet with the lateral artery of the same name and with a cross scapular artery. Feeds muscles: klyuvovidno-humeral, deep chest and two-headed shoulder.

The returnable elbow artery - a.ulnaris recurrens - begins distalny an elbow joint, goes under a beam sgibatel of a wrist in sgibatel of a wrist and fingers. Participates in formation of an elbow vascular network.

The interosseous kaudalny artery - a.interossea caudalis - participates in formation of a dorsalny network of a wrist and a deep palmarny arch - arcus palmaris profundus. The last leaves pyastny palmarny deep arteries - aa.metacarpeae palmares profundae. The interosseous palmarny artery is larger dorsalny, lies between a square pronator and bones of a forearm.

Each subclavial artery is bent by an arch in the kranialny direction, bends around in front the first edge approximately on the middle of its length, then turns kaudo-ventralno and goes to free department of a chest extremity. In the last it as the main arterial highway goes together with a median nerve and the deep venous highway.

The cross cervical artery - a.transversa colli - departs the general trunk with deep cervical, is ahead of the 1st edge, goes to muscles of withers on a medial surface of a ventralny gear muscle. At the basis of a shovel branches in this muscle and in the diamond-shaped.

The tail artery - a.coccygea - gives tail segment arteries which have longitudinal anastomoza owing to what form lateral tail dorsalny and ventralny arteries - a.caudae lateralis et ventralis - for muscles of skin and a tail.

Umbilical artery - a.umbilicalis - very powerful only at a fruit as takes out blood in a placenta. After the animal birth it zapustevat and in most part turns into a lateral puzyrny sheaf and into a round uterine sheaf. Only in a proximal piece it keeps an insignificant gleam. The umbilical artery gives thin arteries:

The internal shameless artery - a.pudenda interna - is the general trunk for all visceral arteries, goes to a sciatic arch where goes together with a shameless nerve and shares on an artery of a crotch and an artery of a clitoris.

Lumbar arteries - aa.lumbales - steam rooms, leave a dorsalny wall of an aorta in number of 6 couples. The last couple departs behind branch of external podvzdoshny arteries. Each lumbar artery gives: ramus dorsalis - in razgibatel of a back; ramus spinalis - in brain covers; ramus ventralis - in lumbar muscles.